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Work Experience


  • Intensive English Program Director, Department of English Language Instruction, American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt, September 2017 – present.

  • Study Skills Coordinator, American University in Cairo, Summer 2016 – Spring 2017. 

  • IEP Associate Program Director, American University in Cairo, Fall 2014. 

  • Form Coordinator, Ruaha Secondary School, Iringa, Tanzania, 2001.


  • Senior English Language Instructor. Department of English Language Instruction, American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt, July 2011 – present.

  • English Language Fellow. US State Department, English Language Resource Center, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt, September 2010 – August 2011.

  • IEP Teaching Fellow. American University in Cairo, Egypt, Sept. 2008 – May 2010.

  • EAL, English Language & Literature Teacher. Pakistan International School Cairo, Egypt, February 2006 – June 2008. 

  • EFL Teacher. International Language Institute, Cairo, Egypt, December 2002 – December 2003.

  • Volunteer English Teacher. Ruaha Secondary School, Tanzania, January 2000 – December 2001.


  • IEP Project-Based Integrated Skills Course Design, American University in Cairo. Summer – Fall 2019. Assisted/assisting course coordinator with course design, including design of course learning outcomes, detailed course outline, skills-based task and materials creation, course assessment framework, project and grading rubric design, and teacher training.

  • Professional Diploma in ELT Curriculum Design, American University in Cairo, School of Continuing Education, Fall 2016 – Fall 2017. With team of three, designed 150 hour English Language Teacher Education program, including program and course descriptions, learning outcomes, detailed program and course outlines, lesson materials and slides, assignment and assessment task descriptions and grading rubrics. Led teacher trainer training sessions.

  • IEP Bridge Program Design, American University in Cairo. Fall 2012 – Fall 2014.  With team of three, re-designed IEP curriculum and assessment system, focusing on integration of skills and re-orientation towards project-based and theme-based instruction pedagogies; designed course outline, learning outcomes, syllabus template, modules, and materials; created assignment descriptions, assessment tasks and grading rubrics; designed and organized shared materials Google Drive and Google Site; participated in course piloting; conducted training workshops; assisted in course implementation.


  • IEP Assessment Administration and Task Development. American University in Cairo. Fall 2017 – present. Supervise Assessment Specialist in review, development, administration and grading of standardized assessment tasks. Assist in conducting norming sessions for essay, reading response, oral presentation, and portfolio tasks. Work with Assessment Specialist and Assessment Committee to develop/review tasks and grading rubrics.

  • Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Task Leader, Task Clone Developer. American University in Cairo. Spring 2018 – present. Train interviewers in one of six interview tasks that are used as a holistic admissions tool to university programs; develop new clones for one of the tasks.

  • ELI Special Needs Student Placement. American University in Cairo. Fall 2019. Assisted IEP Assessment Specialist, in coordination with Student Disability Services, to prepare, administer placement exams, and assess and place special needs students.

  • Assessment Task Development. Al-Azhar University, Cairo. 2011. Assisted in developing writing tasks and grading rubrics for Center-wide standardized testing system.

  • Teacher Portfolio-Based Evaluation System Design. Al-Azhar University, Cairo. 2011. Took lead role in designing and training teachers in the use of portfolio-based evaluation system.

  • English Entrance Exam Developer. Pakistan International School, Cairo. Spring 2006. Developed first drafts of new English entrance exams for grade levels 1-6.

  • Cambridge International Primary Programme Marker. Spring 2006. Served as certified CIPP marker of English exams.

  • Student Placement. International Language Institute, Cairo. December 2002 – December 20013. Tested and placed new students based on written and oral exams.


  • Student-Teacher Mentor. American University in Cairo, 2012 – present. Mentor one MA TESOL student every spring during their practicum course, involving mutual classroom observation, post-observation discussions, and evaluation and observation report write-ups.

  • Co-Teacher Mentor. American University in Cairo. Spring 2017. One MA TESOL Teaching Fellow shadowed my teaching daily, in an IEP Study Skills course. She additionally taught one lesson per week, for which I provided assistance with lesson planning and post-observation feedback.

  • Writing Center Tutor. American University in Cairo. Spring 2016. Assisted graduate students in developing academic writing skills through providing online feedback, and offered face-to-face group workshops on various academic writing and speaking skills.

  • Teacher Mentor. Al-Azhar University, Cairo. September 2010 – August 2011. Mentored teachers in materials development, course/lesson planning, teaching for beginning, intermediate level integrated skills courses.


  • Participant in Observation Program for MATESOL students, AUC, September 2011 – present.

  • Participant in Observation Program for LING 268/2210 student-teachers, AUC, September 2011 – present.

  • First Year Experience Instructor (AUC New Student Orientation Program), September 2012 – February 2018.

  • Volunteer for AUC Workers’ Literacy Program (testing and placement, logistics), Fall 2015.

  • Volunteer Teacher in the AUC Workers’ Literacy Program, AUC, Fall, 2013.

  • Volunteer EFL Teacher, Ruaha Secondary School, Tanzania, January 2000 – December 2001.

  • Neighborhood Community Building Discussion Gathering Leader, 2009 – present. Plan, coordinate and lead monthly gatherings in my home, bringing together people of diverse beliefs and backgrounds to explore topics of import to our personal and collective development. Average of 20-30 participants.

  • Neighborhood Children’s Class Teacher, 2009 – 2018. Taught and co-taught weekly children’s class for ages 5-11, focusing on exploring values and their application in children’s lives, with creative art and drama components to develop artistic expression.

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